Héléne MARIE

Title: Elaboration of a new sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymers for the detection of molecules in physiological fluids.

Author: Héléne MARIE

Date: 2013

National thesis number: 2013COMP2128


  • This thesis aimed at elaborating an optical sensor to detect molecules in a biological fluid. Two steroids and a xenobiotic were identified as biomarkers released in some body fluids: cyproterone acetate, cortisol and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid respectively. On one hand, detection was performed by Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs). These tailor-made synthetic receptors display numerous qualities that foster their integration in sensors. MIPs were therefore developed against the targeted analytes. Formulation optimization was led thanks to experimental designs. On the other hand, optical transduction was made possible thanks to the structuring of a polymer into a photonic crystal. Opals were manufactured with a new process suitable for large scales and were used to mold MIPs in inverse opals. Thus, submicron structures of the polymer are responsible for the color of the sensor. A change of color is triggered by the recognition of the analyte by the polymer (upon swelling). Polymers studied displayed sufficient swelling observed by spectrophotometry. Finally, the work of this thesis consisted in elaborating polymer formulations and their integration in a sensor so as to detect an analyte with direct, rapid and unobtrusive means.

Link: 2013COMP2128

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