Our activities in the area

Rational design and optimisation of imprinted polymers

– Molecular imprints in nanostructured materials sensors based on imprinted polymers

Electrochemical sensors
Acoustic sensors (Quartz crystal microbalance)
Optical sensors (Infrared, SPR, optical interferometry, instrument-free sensors)

– Immuno-type binding assays based on imprinted polymers

Fluorescence assays
Enzyme-linked assays (chemiluminescence and colorimetric)
High-throughput imaging formats
Flow injection capillary assays
Homogeneous assays

– Molecularly imprinted stationary phases for separation

(Enantioselective) membranes
Solid-phase extraction matrices
Capillary electrophoresis

Other research interests

– Affinity capillary electrophoresis

– Affinity membranes for protein separation

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